Service Need: Multi-Language Video Development Outreach Project

Service Area: Kern, Inyo, and Mono Counties

Award Amount: $70,000 (Reimbursement per milestones reached)

Timeline: Completion of Project on or before 06/30/2024.

Information on Language Access Multi-Media Outreach Project:

Kern Regional Center is looking to expand communication methods via multiple media platforms that can be easily accessed and are compatible with mobile devices. KRC would like to create language-specific videos that are language accessible and culturally responsive to the needs of the diverse communities we serve. These videos are to explain, as an example purchase of service guidelines, Regional Center processes, and content that will benefit the Regional Center consumers, families, and staff. Currently, KRC is utilizing, periodic email blasts, social media, and the KRC website to share information with families. However, families are not optimizing the use of these media strategies and are missing out on valuable information that could increase their knowledge of available services and how to utilize those services.

The target population will be clients, families, and other stakeholders of KRC’s intellectual/developmentally disabled clients. KRC’s geographic locations include Kern, Inyo, and Mono counties. All videos will be posted on the KRC website and disseminated via social media platforms.

Please provide a portfolio of your work as it relates to this RFP in Video Development and provide details on what services you can provide within the proposed award amount. Please bring your own copies of any work that you would like to present or documents to the RFP panel. If you need any audio/visual equipment such as access to a computer to present a PowerPoint or other Portfolio work, please contact Tomas.Cubias@kernrc.org by Dec.15, 2023.

The award will be distributed in a reimbursement format per milestones reached. This arrangement will be discussed with KRC once the RFP is awarded to the recipient.