Service Providers

Service Providers

Many clients of Kern Regional Center (KRC) are in need of supports and services in order to live productive and satisfying lives. Clients may choose their services, supports and service providers. Providers may assist with the client’s daily needs or with services clients’ choose to enhance their lives and support their involvement in the community. KRC collaborates with service providers who have excellent skills, appropriate educational backgrounds, ethical values, and who provide a wide range of services and supports.

KRC embraces a “best practices approach”. We are proud of our partnership with providers who seek to provide high quality services which are client-centered and state-of- the-art. Our providers are creative in their ability to deliver services, even when economic times are tough. Our service providers meet the challenges of providing quality services on a daily basis. They are dedicated to assisting our clients with full integration into our community.

CMS Final Rule and HCBS

The 2020 enacted budget contains $15 million to fund changes that are necessary for providers to come into compliance with the HCBS rules …

Service Provider Resources

Kern Regional Center’s purpose is to provide supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them achieve an independent, productive…

Become a Service Provider

Regional center service providers offer a variety of services for consumers and families, including but not limited to residential care, Independent and Supported…