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What is a Developmental Disability?

A developmental disability is a disability that originates before an individual attains age 18 years, continues, or can be expected to continue, …

Lanterman Act

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act of 1969 defines the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and establishes a service system to meet…

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Welcome to Kern Regional Center’s public information access site. In this section you will find KRC’s policies, Board of Trustees information, audit reports…

Self Determination Program

The Department of Developmental Services is developing a new program, called the Self-Determination Program that will let participants have more control over selecting their services and supports….

AmeriCorps Senior Foster Grandparent & Senior Companion Program

The Kern Regional Center Foster Grandparent Program establishes person-to-person relationships between limited income adults, 55 years of age and older, to children receiving services from the Regional Center…..

Service Provider Directory

Welcome to our Service Provider Directory and Map. Using this interactive map you can find the closest Service Provider by typing in the search box your address or you can put in your zip code….