4731 Complaints

4731 / Client Rights Complaint

The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act provides consumers and others with a process by which a complaint can be filed against a regional center, developmental center, or regional center service provider, when there is a belief that a client’s rights have been abused, punitively withheld or improperly or unreasonably denied.

The intent of the 4731 Complaint Process is to provide a meaningful resolution when a rights violation has been substantiated, and attempt to prevent similar violations from occurring again.

To file a 4731 Complaint please follow the steps below:

  • Download and complete form DS 255 (found below)
  • Mail to:

    Kern Regional Center
    Attn: Executive Director
    3200 N. Sillect Avenue
    Bakersfield CA, 93308

For more information please visit Department of Developmental Services,Consumer Rights, Appeals & Complaints