Dear KRC clients and families,

The Department of Developmental Services (Department) is implementing a voluntary program for service providers. The program is called the Quality Incentive Program (QIP). QIP is designed to improve consumer outcomes, service provider performance, and service quality.

Service providers who choose to participate in the QIP that meet or exceed the quality measures developed by the Department will be eligible for incentive payments. QIP quality measures will be implemented in several phases and aligned with stakeholder input and updated data strategies and information.

The QIP has six focus areas: Prevention and Wellness; Employment; Early Intervention; Workforce capacity; Access to the service; and Informed Choice and Satisfaction. Each focus area has one or more quality measures linked to specific desired outcomes, with corresponding performance objectives and incentives.

In the future, the Department will issue further guidelines for quality incentive measures. The guidelines will provide information to regional centers and service providers on how service providers can participate in the QIP, including, but not limited to, target population and eligibility, performance targets, reporting criteria, and methodology for incentive payment. Regional centers will receive instructions on billing incentive payments and rebates.

More information and details about QIP can be found at:

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Quality Incentive Program Notification Consumers and Families.2.2023