Success Stories – Yanne


Yanne has shown tremendous growth over the years here at VAC. Yanne started in our group janitorial program in 2016. Through the years as a group janitor, Yanne used that time to learn the necessary and essential skills needed to find employment in the Bakersfield community. During the 2022 new year, Yanne expressed his desire to find a new career path. We immediately began the process of helping Yanne enroll in our PVSA program, to help him understand the basic fundamentals of job searching and maintaining employment. With the help of our PVSA instructor, Yanne created his first resume and mastered the art of answering questions in the dreaded job interview. Once his training was completed, Yanne started job searching with our job developer, and quickly found an opportunity with a Fortune 500 company.

Yanne is now working full time hours, and enjoys every second of his shifts. His fellow colleagues for have nothing but glowing reviews about the hard work and positive attitude Yanne displays. Yanne now has a 401K, amazing benefits and great opportunities for growth at his new employer. He has found his career, and a company he wants to grow within. Yanne was hesitant at first to leave our group program and branch off to something new. But, after some reassurance from our VAC staff and the support of our PVSA instructor, job developer and job coaches, Yanne is thriving, happy and proud of himself and the company he works for.