Board of Directors Roster and Policies

​Board of Directors Information and Roster

The Kern Regional Center Board of Directors is composed of at minimum 10 individuals with demonstrated interest in developmental disabilities. These Directors are elected by a majority vote of the Board and, in accordance with Welfare and Institutions Code §4622, one (1) director shall be appointed through the Vendor Advisory Committee for a 2 year term. The membership includes representatives of the various categories of disability (mental retardation, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism) and reflects the geographic and ethnic characteristics of the three counties we serve. Some Board members are persons with developmental disabilities or their parents, others are professionals in the field and interested citizens. All Board members serve in a voluntary capacity, giving generously of their time, energy and skills to attend meetings, visit programs, and work on behalf of the corporation and citizens with disabilities.

The Board exercises general direction and establishes policies concerning the operation of the corporation. In addition, the Board provides for meaningful and extensive client and public participation in the development of agency policies by actively seeking advice from standing advisory committees.

​Board Roster

Director County
Kevin Gosselin, President Kern
Tracey Mensch, Vice President / ARCA Delegate Kern
Oscar Axume, Treasurer Kern
Martin Vasquez, Secretary Kern
Tamerla Prince, VAC Representative Kern
Carlos Isidoro, Board Member Kern
Ryan Jones, Board Member Kern
Donald Tobias, Board Member Inyo
Mark Tolentino, Board Member Kern
Simon Verdugo, Board Member Kern
Ruth Watterson, Board Member Inyo
Ana Alonso, Board Member Kern
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